A Timeless love letter to the people and the place.

Written, Directed, & Edited by Shane Crosland ( @shamus_______ )

Music : ‘Time Taken’ by Central Sonics (@centralsonics)
DoP: Olivier Marcolin (@noliganda)
Producers: Agustina Maruca (@agusmaruca), Kimberley Vecesei (@itskimbo_) Underwater DoP: Clementine Bourke (@clementinebourke)
Assistant Cameras: Ali Vann (@alivannfilm), Rudi Gennari (@ruperstition) Photographer: Justin Crawford (@thecrawfordcosmos)
Stylist: Diva Crawford (@divadrumss)
BTS/Production Assistant: Ruby Johnson (@rubyjohnsson)
Colourist: Daniel Witchey (@dwcolourist)
Sound Design: Steve Nossiter (@steve_nossiter)
ADR Engineer: Marcos Micozzi (@marqueemicozzi)
Production Company: Byron Film (@byronfilm)
Talent: Shanti Diva Crawford (@divadrumss) Justin Crawford (@thecrawfordcosmos) Ellie Lillevars (@ellinorlillevars) Oliver Buckworth (@buckworthco) India J (@india.jdm) Ashleigh Taylor (@___ashtaylor) Paulina Marn (@aulinamusic) Kahu Andronicus (@kah.who) Sara Searle (@feathery_golden_bambi) Katsu (@cherrylove77) Joel Fitz (@joelfitz_boards) Elise Trigger (@elisetrigger) Anna Drewe (@anna.drewe) Sophie Marsh (@serpentofvenus) Persia Notarberardino (@perrsiia_) Jai Stevens (@jaiostevens) Angus McColl (@ango_unchainedd) Paula Castella (@paulacastellaxx) Estefi Minniti (@estefiminniti) Maks Steszewski (@makmili_) Magdalena Ramstedt (@magdalenaramstedt) Pierre Lasba (@lasba_dobra) Cristobal Frers (@cristobalfrers) Kim “Kimmy” Souza (@kimmy.music) Mikey Tam (@mikeytaaaam) Karlin Yeun (@hawtkarl) Luke Longworth (@lukejl) Sally Garrett (@salgarrett) Marty Baptist (@japannational) Florian Mana (@mana_fwi) Liah Herzer (@liahherzer) Kelly Cohen (@bkellycohen) The Swamps (@theswamps) Niamh Linstrom (@evelkniamhel) Casey Newsman (@ladylordssurf) Charlotte Pieper (@lotta_and_the_waves) Augusto Cabral Gomez @findingmywave

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